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Job Description

  • Position Summary:
    • Responsible for handling international trade documentation for the Vietnam market, ensuring the accuracy and compliance of all import and export documents. Work closely with internal teams and external suppliers and customers to support the company's business processes and meet regulatory requirements in the Vietnam market.
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Document Processing:
      • Responsible for preparing, reviewing and managing all import/export documents including but not limited to commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, bills of lading, letters of credit.
      • Ensure all documents comply with Vietnamese and international trade regulations and standards.
    • Compliance check:
      • Regularly check and update Vietnam and international trade regulations to ensure that the company's business processes and document processing are in line with the latest regulations.
      • Work with in-house team to ensure that all trade activities meet compliance requirements.
    • Document management:
      • Maintain and update trade document database to ensure document completeness and traceability.
      • Assist in resolving document related queries and issues, providing support and guidance as necessary.
    • Customer and supplier communication:
      • Communicate with Vietnamese and international suppliers and customers to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of documents.
      • Resolve any issues related to documentation to ensure smooth trade process.
    • Internal coordination:
      • Work closely with internal departments such as sales, purchasing, logistics, finance, etc. to ensure that the documentation process is harmonized with the overall business process of the company.
      • Provide the necessary training and guidance to improve the team's understanding and ability of document processing.
    • Reporting and Analysis:
      • Prepare document processing reports on a regular basis to analyze the efficiency and accuracy of document processing.
      • Make recommendations for improvement to optimize the document processing process.


Job requirement

  • Educational Background:
    • Bachelor degree or above, majoring in international trade, business, law or related majors is preferred.
  • Working experience:
    • More than 2 years experience in international trade document processing, familiar with Vietnam market is preferred.
    • Textile industry background is preferred.
  • Language Skills:
    • Fluent communication skills in Vietnamese and English, able to handle documents in English.
  • Skill Requirements:
    • Familiar with international trade regulations and processes, especially Vietnam's import and export regulations.
    • Proficient in the use of office software and basic financial knowledge.
    • Good organization, communication and coordination skills.

Salary and benefit

  • Mức lương: 10.000 RMB (35 triệu VND)

Other Info

  • Full-time, one day off a week.
  • Company Address: Hai Ha Industrial Park, Thị trấn Quảng Hà, Huyện Hải Hà District, Tỉnh Quảng Ninh, Vietnam

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