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Job Description    

1. Responsible for the financial management of the Vietnamese company, including accounting, financial reporting and analysis, local tax compliance and compliance, expense management and contract audit, etc., and the preparation and reporting of various financial statements and operation management statements; 

2. Have an independent understanding and judgment of the business, be able to explore improvement points from financial analysis, and support management decision-making and improvement; 

3. Optimize local business processes and financial management, and support local business safety and compliance operations; 

4. Complete the requirements of the headquarters, and report the work to the headquarters regularly. Early stage to the domestic headquarters for training; 

5. Manage team members and provide necessary training and guidance; 

6. Other work matters arranged by the headquarters. competence for a post 


Job requirement    

1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, more than 3 years of financial related work experience, more than 1 years of financial management experience. Manufacturing cost management experience is preferred; 

2. Vietnamese nationality, fluent Chinese communication, and excellent English skills; 

3. Have good professional ethics, excellent communication skills, logical thinking, teamwork ability and quick learning ability, and be good at summarizing and thinking; 

4. Familiar with Vietnamese financial laws and regulations and tax policies, and able to independently carry out financial management of Vietnamese companies.


Salary and benefit    

Buget: 20tr - 30tr


Other Info

Work location: Khu Công Nghiệp Bắc Tiền Phong, Xã Liên Vị, Thị Xã Quảng Yên, Quảng Ninh
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Hotline: 0867 597 533

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