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Job description

1. Provide technical support for marketing and sales activities, including participation in the implementation of the New Product Experimental Bureau, technical explanations and equipment debugging at exhibitions and seminars;

2. Pre-sales: Responsible for pre-sales support, program preparation, product demonstration, production of equipment solutions and design of basic tooling fixtures;

3. On sale: Provide on-site guidance, equipment installation, commissioning, equipment operation, technical application promotion and training;

4. After-sales: On-site equipment maintenance; Provide customers with improvement suggestions in off-site situations to help customers troubleshoot; Part of the R & D process, provide necessary application support for the smooth development of after-sales technical support such as R & D;

5. Cooperate with sales to promote product marketing.

6. Periodically output related work reports and reports (installation report, training report, after-sales problem feedback report, etc.), and timely feedback related work information

Job requirements:

1. More than 2 years of R & D or technical support work experience in mechanical and automation majors, experience in SMT and related equipment use and maintenance is preferred, and 1 year in fluid control is better;

2. Loop / module circuit reading ability;

3. Skilled in using CAD;

4. English, fluent in reading and writing;

5. Skilled in using office software;

6. Have a good knowledge of computer software and hardware maintenance;

7. Can adapt to frequent business trips;

8. Strong communication skills, can deal with various unexpected problems flexibly.

9. Able to work hard, obey and cooperate with sales and project assignments arranged by superiors to maintain good communication with customers.


1. Salary Range: 13Million to 20 Million(Gross) 

2. Age : 25-35 Years     

3. Gender : Male

4. Working Location: Bac Giang and Bac Ninh

5. Same working time with local company , 9am-6pm


SĐT: 0333139933




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